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Walter Van Beirendonck Tag: Hello Walter! – Das Interview

Ein paar Fragen bleiben immer offen – Wir haben während der Vorbereitungen zum Walter Van Beirendonck Tag sehr viel recherchiert, bekamen aber auf Themen, die uns auch interessieren für uns keine befriedigende Antworten. Wie denkt Van Beirendonck über Lady Gaga und Germanys Next Topmodel? Wäre eine Kooperation mit dem Textilgiganten H&M denkbar?
Diese und andere Fragen haben wir Walter im Interview gestellt…
Zum exklusiven Horstson-Interview mit Walter Van Beirendonck gehts nach dem Klick

First of all in a few days we do celebrate the 2nd Walter Van Beirendonck-day worldwide on our mens fashion blog Horstson. Do you enjoy this?
Amazing! Never know about it! I feel honoured.
We should announce it also on my facebook-fan-page!

What can we expect from Beirendoncks Spring/Summer 2012 collection?
Small preview: Fabrics are (again) really important, Mahlia Paris created a whole series of fantastic, super-fresh unexpected fabrics. Formal feeling continues, but a new type of ‚deconstruction‘ in my way ,will be there, stronger than ever. Hairdos, combs and glasses…..and a big flowery surprise not to miss!!!

How does a free day of Walter van Beirendonck look like?
Does not really exists. Even on free days I try to visit interesting galleries, exhibitions or I’m browsing through books…but I do work out, like to eat and I do love sex.

What is your opinion regarding the case Galliano? Can you comprehend the decision of LVMH or maybe also his motivation?
Sad thing what happened, John is such an universal person ,who is NOT a racist. Can’t be if you work like he is working, with such a rich cultural and worldinspired view; FASHION KILLS….and he was really thrown away as a squeezed lemon. Without respect for all the energy and talent he put all this years in Dior. A SHAME for the fashionworld.

You know the business. How hard is it to be in fashion in a position like Galliano?
VERY HARD. Almost impossible to come up to the needs of this companies, very demanding and never satisfied.

You were a member of the Antwerp Six. One of your colleagues, Dirk Bikkemberg chose the most commercial way from all of you. A way you would also choose?
We were all so different. Different visions and different ideas regarding fashion. Everybody did it his way and we can be proud of that.

Did you get any commercial offers?
I do/did work for a lot of commercial companies, which I also enjoy. There is ZULUPAPUWA, a commercial children-collection I design for JBC/Belgium. But I worked for Scapa Sports, Bartsons , GFF, Pooh…all commercial companies.

Would you do a collaboration with brands like H&M?
Why not? But i think that I’m too critical for them. I’m a fashion-terrorist. Telling straightforward what I think.

What do you think of shows like „Americas/Germanys etc. next top model“ ? Do you watch series like that?
Sometimes it de-stresses me. I do like to watch TV from time to time.

Lady Gaga was voted most influential person at the moment. What do you think of her? Influential or just annoying?
I went to see her Monster-concert and I did enjoy it. What I don’t like is that she is NOT an original. She is the biggest copy-cat ever. That’s a pity. But she has energy and that is good.

Foto: Walter van Beirendonck by Michael Dürr

  • Rob
    6. Juni 2011 at 13:52

    wenn H&M mit Beirendonck ne Collobaration machen würde wär ich doch sehr gespannt wie die bei den H&M Kunden ankommt. Lanvin kam nicht gut an, die vielleicht dann ja

  • planquadrat
    6. Juni 2011 at 14:04

    YEAH! Guter Typ und gute Einstellung zu der lady gaga ranze