Hedi Slimane „I Love USA“ stellte jetzt den Nachfolger von „Portent“ (damals eine Kollaboration zwischen Showstudio und Nick Knight) vor. „I Love USA“ ist chronofotografisches Projekt vom EX-Dior Designer und Fotografen Hedi Slimane und ich bin mir sicher, dass es als Meisterwerk gehandelt wird. Aber nicht für jeden: Für mich wird es eine prima Einschlafhilfe sein. Was über das Video sagt, seht ihr nach dem Klick. Auch habe ich das meines Erachtens schönere Video von Nick Knight rausgesucht; sozusagen als Vergleich (und ja, ich weiß – man kann Äpfel nicht mit Birnen vergleichen – mach ich aber.)

“»I LOVE USA« is Slimane’s idealistic vision of the United States through the prism of the idyllic Californian lifestyle. The premise is simple: Sidney and Wolf are two teenagers who meet for the first time in Venice beach. The teens in the film were both scouted by Slimane at the Coachella rock festival, in 2009 and 2010, respectively; they meet for the first time on the set.

The title comes from the nickname Slimane gave to Sidney ›USA‹, who has appeared in many of his diary’s photographs, after he decided that she was the iconic embodiment of the California girl and the aesthetic representation of all-American beauty.

This exclusive video is an improvisation exercise (like ›Improvisation 1‹, with the royal Ballet of Copenhagen) that highlights the naїvety, the innocence of Sidney and Wolf, and features themes that have made the designer famous throughout the world: the representation of a generation, the diaphanous beauty of Sidney, and the very slim silhouette of Wolf project the intimate emotional atmosphere of a couple of teenagers in California.

Sidney improvises a chaotic cheerleader, far from the sweet imagery of cheerleading in American culture, and Wolf is a teen indie transposed in an ›indie‹ representation of »Peter and the Wolf«. He accompanies Sidney on his out of tune cello, in a wolf mask. Behind, a fleet-worn American flag belonging to Slimane is visible, a recurring image seen in several of his artistic works.”