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Was euch Remco de Nijs von G-Star zu sagen hat?

Einen der coolsten und gleichzeitig erfolgsentscheidenden Jobs, die man bei einem der angesagten Jeanslabels auf unserem Erdball machen kann, hat Remco de Nijs. Er ist seit 1997 bei G-Star, hat dort schon viele Stationen durchlaufen. Seit einigen Jahren verantwortet er den Vertrieb, die PR und das Styling und nur so nebenbei ist er für den Design-Prozess, Marketing und Sales der G-Star by Marc Newson Haupt- und Limited-Collection zuständig. Ich würde sagen, der Mann scheint ordentlich was zu können und hat ganz gut zu tun.
Trotzdem hat er sich letzte Woche die Zeit genommen, um uns ein paar Fragen zu beantworten, die wir euch hier im O-Ton gönnen.

How would you describe the current collection?
It’s a very strong collection with a broad denim base. This season we present the New Radar denim range for men and women. The New Radar has lowered front pockets to create an effortless attitude without having to wear your denim very low. Another denim innovation is G-Star’s new denim treatment DeepTones. This unique to G-Star washing causes it to hardly fade when washed; making sure that dark denim stays dark.

How does the Bread & Butter contribute to your business?
Bread and Butter is one of the most important international trade fairs at the start of each season. It’s the ideal platform to show our brand to the European and street wear-related market and reinforce our denim foundation.

Why don’t you introduce strong colour in your collection, is that part of the raw concept?
G-Star’s collection includes a lot of colour, as you can see in the strong colour denim range we bring this season, but also the RAW Correct Line collection also builds on strong oranges for the upcoming season.

How do you translate the raw concept into your campaigns?
Our campaigns are product driven and not lifestyle driven, this matches our Just the product message. For our campaigns we work with iconic photographer and filmmaker Anton Corbijn and every season with two campaign faces, of whom we respects and admire their raw talent. G-Star is a fan of Anton Corbijn’s work. Anton’s unique vision and raw, emotional style has made him one of the most sought after photographers in the world, and his style fits the G-Star brand DNA.

Would do you say your focused on, denim or fashion?
G-Star is a denim brand rooted in street wear and its mission is to add luxury to the street, by leading in functionality, material and design. Everything we do is clearly rooted in our passion for denim craftsmanship. Denim will always be the main part of our business. G-Star represents a mix of strong individuality, global street style and luxury product. G-Star embodies unexpected combinations, old craftsmanship details with modern construction techniques

What are you working on at the moment?
At G-Star we don’t design in terms of the fashion season, we are product developers. When a product is finished we plan for it to be released in a certain season. So we are working on different products at the moment, all in different phases of the design process.

Which are your personal favorite jeans?
My personal favorite denim is at the moment the Arc pant, the second 3D denim we developed at G-Star. Currently I wear the RE Arc Loose Tapered  with a denim/linen fabric mix that intensifies the take-up of indigo dye, which results in an extra deep 3D-effect colour finish.

How much are you devoted to your own ideas and innovate the market?
The power of the G-Star collections is thanks to the team work and the passion that all of us poses to make strong products. G-Star has a strong team of professionals in each department; all very skilled in their specialism. The collections are a team effort of ideas and our constant drive to innovate and develop new products.
Who is your current favorite denim icon? Man or a woman.
For me true icons are people who created and determined a certain style, and therefore I can’t say who would be a current denim icon as you can’t tell right now yet.
However one of my favorite denim icons is Picasso, who with his worker pants and striped shirts, really set the style in that period of time.

What is your favorite pair of jeans that you have owned and why?
My all-time favorite pair of denim is the US Lumber in Japanese Streaky denim RAW. We introduced this pant in 1996 when we opened our first mono brand store in Paris called RAW Essentials. There unwashed raw denim was offered as a retail product for the first time, a revolution in the denim market back then.

How many pairs of jeans do you currently own and which ones do you wear the most?
Being a true denim addict most of my denims are from the RAW Essentials collection, named after this first G-Star store in Paris. RAW Essentials offers only the best in design, quality and craftsmanship for the true denim addict. It combines modernity and vintage, and the internal construction is inventive and high end, just like the outside of the garments. This special program has been created using ‘no compromise’ denim, trimmings, washings and craftsmanship for the true denim lover like myself. Selvedge Japanese denim from the best mills are individually hand-finished and washed in the finest Italian laundries.

Any good advices to avoid denim fashion faux pas?
I don’t believe there is something as to break fashion rules. In order to add a twist to your everyday look, to make it your own, the first rule is to break all the rules. It is the G-Star RAW design philosophy to always combine contrasting and unexpected elements into one striking whole.

Kreative wie Remco de Nijs überraschen mich immer wieder, oder hättet ihr gedacht, dass ausgerechnet der Name Picassos mal in diesem Zusammenhang fallen könnte.
Zur neuen Kollektion werden wir auch noch ausführlich berichten. Aber lieber erst dann, wenn es Bildmaterial aller in Berlin gezeigten Outfits gibt.

Bilder: G-Star RAW