“I’m a slow love maker”: Adam Naas über Voldemort und rhytmisches Liebe machen

(Adam Naas; Foto: Universal Music)

Zweifelsohne ist „The Love Album“ eines der außergewöhnlichsten Alben des Jahres. Der Mann, dem wir dieses Album zu verdanken haben, heißt Adam Naas. Er kommt aus Frankreich und ist stimmlich, wie auch persönlich eine Erscheinung. Und manchmal ist es mit Interviews wie mit Serien: Übersetzt man sie, geht vieles an Komik, Kuriosität und Absurdität verloren. Und deshalb bleibt das Interview mit Adam, geführt per Email, in Originalsprache und wir sagen einfach nur viel Spaß beim Lesen …

Jan Who: It’s been two years since your EP release. Why did it take you so long?
Adam Naas: Because I heard that men could grow tall up until 25 so I really wanted to be the tallest version of myself before touring. 
I’ve played your songs to a couple of friends and most of them immediately thought of Prince when they heard your voice. You’re not naming him when it comes to your own inspiration. How come?
Because he wasn’t really. I’m pretty flattered but my voice is just my voice. I don’t really know how to sound like Prince. I’m trying to sound like Adam which is an adventure already. 

The album is full of soul, sexiness and feelings but I do miss a second or third faster song like „Cherry Lipstick“. How come that this is the only one of this kind on the album?
Dude, I’m a slow love maker. Would you have sex with someone or kiss someone on a song like Cherry Lipstick? I mean, why not, maybe once, but that’s not the mood I’m going for. 
How many personal love experiences are hidden between the song texts of this album?
As many as a heartbroken guy could remember.

„He’s gonna kill me“ stands out of this album as a track about domestic violence. Is this a topic you want to personally make people even more aware of?
That’s an interesting question. It’s important to me but I don’t think it’s my place to do so though. 

What’s your favorite song on the album?
Who’s your favourite kid? What’s your favourite sushi? Hard to say.
You got a style update from your EP to now. How important is fashion for you?
Is it though? 
Will the black hat become your trademark?
Only when my hair stink.

You look like a modern french hipster poet on your cover. What was the idea behind it?
Voldemort’s idea, he’s a really good friend of mine. I’m probably going to ask him to give you a visit pretty soon because he hates it when people talk about the black hat…

Adam Naas “I Wan’t You To Get Close To Me”

Adam Naas “The Love”

Adam Naas “Strange Love”

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    4. Oktober 2018 at 15:07

    Toll! Er sieht aus wie ein Mädchen aus der Dior Werbung!